Aqualyng, your partner for water treatment solutions

We have been servicing the Australian Mining, Oil & Gas,
Power, Municipality, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, and
General Manufacturing sectors for over 20 years.


We own and operate a range of rental fleet of reverse osmosis, filtration, and wastewater treatment plants to meet short term needs or long-term requirements.

Our water treatment fleets are either containerized or modular that allow rapid deployment and a plug and play approach to allow accelerated installation at site. We also offer service and maintenance options to maintain and operate the rental fleet, which includes technical support from our experts.

Some of the many applications our fleet has supported:

  • Boosting water production during planned or unplanned outages.
  • Maintaining uninterrupted flow and minimal downtime.
  • Short-term additional plant commissioning requirements.
  • Lowering evaporation ponds and tailing dams.
  • Water recovery and recycling.
  • Boiler feedwater requirements.
  • Meeting regulatory discharge requirements.
  • Construction needs.
  • Design, construct, and install equipment for applications ranging from industrial applications through to drinking water supplies.
  • Construct and supply equipment for healthcare including CSSD RO plants for AS4187 compliance
  • Dosing systems for cooling water, boiler, and wastewater systems (AS3666).
  • Treatment plants for stormwater and surface water management (purification, monitoring to compliance for discharge).

Chemical Solutions

Aqualyng develops and provides a wide array of sustainable chemical solutions for UF and RO membranes, wastewater treatment, cooling tower treatment, and boiler water treatment. Our Chemical Solutions enhance process performance, protect equipment, maximize asset life, and enhance cleans

Some of our Chemical Solutions include:

  • list Ultrafiltration cleaner to prolong filter life and improve plant performance
  • list RO Membrane Antiscalants: A pre-treatment chemical to prevent scaling and fouling of membranes
  • list Bespoke chemical formulations to treat difficult to remove contamination
  • list Full range of boiler and cooling tower chemistry for corrosion and scale prevention
  • list Full range specialist water treatment chemicals including coagulants, flocculants, antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, acid, sodium hydroxide, oxidizing and non-oxidising biocides, and more

Spare Parts
and Consumables

Having well established channel partnerships with key equipment vendors, our clients benefit from the flow through of preferential pricing agreements that deliver on value.

Our value add to you:

  • We offer spare parts installation
  • We can help you develop a spare parts strategy program
  • Manage spare parts supply

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