Answering your urgent needs.

Whether you have an emergency need, plant shut down or require a temporary water treatment, Aqualyng has you covered with our range of containerized and skid mounted rental fleet.

Our rental fleet, which can cover short to long term arrangements, include reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, multimedia filtration, demineralization systems, and dosing systems.

Some of the many applications our fleet has supported:

  • list Boosting water production during planned or unplanned outages
  • list Short term additional plant commissioning requirements
  • list Lowering evaporation ponds and tailing dams
  • list Water recovery and recycling
  • list Boiler feedwater requirements
  • list Meeting regulatory discharge requirements

Further supporting

your fleet requirements

We can also offer operation and maintenance services as well as
chemical, spares and consumable supply.

Lease to Buy Options

When you want to own your own fleet, we offer flexible lease to buy options on bespoke design and build water and wastewater treatment systems to meet your needs.

Fast Water© Range

Our Fast Water© range is a series of pre-engineered modular reverse osmosis units. Each unit is housed in a robust steel container to facilitate easy, affordable transport and keep the equipment properly protected on its way to the required destination and thereafter during operation and can be installed in series to meet higher flow rates.

The Fast Water© Advantage:

Fast Water© has a number of strengths which make it the ideal water solution. It’s compact and can be delivered quickly. It has flexible configuration that allows for various capacities. The unit removes not only dissolved ions, but also bacteria, pyrogens, organics, particles, colloids, color & oxidizing agents up to 99.9%. It is energy-efficient, low-maintenance and cost-effective. It’s easy to install and operate, units can be purchased or leased, and the entire system can also be monitored remotely.

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