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  • Aqualyng is a comprehensive water services platform with deep expertise in EPC and BOT projects, as well as services for industrial and mining clients.
  • Australia is a key market for Almar Water Solutions, which aims to become a global water services provider.

Brisbane, Australia – July 9, 2024. Almar Water Solutions, a global leading business in developing
and managing water infrastructure and services, and part of Jameel Environmental Services, has
announced its entry into the Australian water market by securing a 70% acquisition of the Australian
company Aqualyng.

This acquisition further expands Almar Water Solutions’ presence in the Asia Pacific region and facilitates its path towards becoming a leading global water services provider.

Aqualyng is a comprehensive water platform with deep expertise in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), and build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects. To date, Aqualyng has developed more than 144 water projects globally, comprising water production, wastewater treatment, operation and maintenance services, industrial applications, technology solutions, and chemical supply, among other offerings.

With this acquisition, Almar Water Solutions and Aqualyng will create a leading platform serving the regional, industrial, and municipal water markets.

Almar Water Solutions completed this acquisition right after the Financial Close of a cornerstone industrial project for Aqualyng. Aqualyng has been awarded a water treatment plant for the industrial client WestSide Corporation, making it the country’s first reference in industrial reuse under a BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) scheme for the oil and gas sector.

The five-year project is a reuse initiative that treats produced water from Coal Seam Gas operations into landscaping and irrigation water quality. The project reached its Commercial Operation Date on February 14th and has been delivering a steady treated water output taken by WestSide for landscaping use since then.

The water treatment and reuse plant for WestSide Corporation will deliver a treatment capacity of 2,000 m3/day through several treatment blocks involving dissolved air flotation (DAF), ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Located in the Meridian gas field west of Gladstone in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, the plant is a tailor-made project for Westside as a sole off-taker, adding significant value to the company’s commercial and sustainability programs.

Carlos Cosin, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, said: “The Asia Pacific region has always been a target market for Almar Water Solutions. With the Aqualyng acquisition, we are expanding our presence in this market and growing in competencies, covering the entire water cycle and becoming a global water services provider. This new step, framed within the strategic plan, will add value to our company and the industry.”

Fadey Kassim, CEO of Aqualyng, commented: “Almar Water Solutions has become a strategic partner for Aqualyng. Our goal with this union is to expand our capabilities and projects worldwide, transferring our expertise and technology to solve the industry’s water problems. The experience of their team will bring value and recognition to our projects, maintaining the proximity to our customers and suppliers in the region.”

The acquisition announcement also follows the signing of an agreement for a water transportation system for Almar, Transelec, and Antofagasta Minerals’ Centinela mining operation in Chile.

Since its establishment more than seven years ago, Almar Water Solutions operates across four continents with a strategy focused on investment, service solution development, and technological innovation. With these new moves in Asia Pacific, Almar Water Solutions continues expanding its portfolio of solutions worldwide.


About Jameel Environmental Services

Jameel Environmental Services, previously Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, was established in 2012, and is now a premier service provider in environmental services and waste-to-energy solutions, addressing water security needs. With operations in 8 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific, Jameel Environmental Services has capabilities in desalination, wastewater management, and oil and water and treatment. For more information, please visit:

About Almar Water Solutions

Almar Water Solutions, part of Jameel Environmental Services, is a leading company developing non-conventional water infrastructure and water production, treatment, and sales services for the municipal and industrial sectors. The company specializes in developing, promoting, financing, designing, and operating infrastructures. It offers a wide range of solutions, from seawater and brackish water desalination to reuse potabilization, purification, and distribution networks. For more information, visit

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Aqualyng is a fully integrated end-to-end water platform that helps the industry solve complex and evolving water challenges through innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and water 4.0 operational excellence. For more information, visit

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